Thursday, June 5, 2014

Portland Black Lipstick Co. Review and Swatches

Recently, on one of my many late evenings on Makeupalley, I saw a post about Portland Black Lipstick Company, someone just asking about them. I had never heard of the company, so I quickly felt compelled to research them. If there is one thing I love, it's "Indie" cosmetic companies. So within a couple of hours I ordered some sample.

If you've seen my some of my other posts, you know I have terrible sensitive and easily dried out, peely lips. 99% of the lipstick on the market dries my lips out so badly that I cannot wear it even for a few hours, let alone daily. I didn't wear lipstick for years, and then when I started, I was eliminating formulas left and right. The only brand that didn't get burned at the stake and was easily accessible at Ulta I found was Poppy's Lipstick Queen.

I am extremely sensitive to ingredients. A lot of chemicals really just don't agree with me. I was never a pusher of more natural products until I discovered that natural products were the only thing that didn't cause my skin irritation.

Now on to the Review,

I believe when I initially made my order the Company was on a Holiday, and I was unaware. They were slammed with orders when they got back. I did pop a quick message to make sure everything was okay and I got a delightful and professional reply within 12 hours from the owner Kim Damio. She sent everything out promptly and even took the time to confirm everything with me. Normally, they ship out within 3 days ordering. I recieved my order from Usps a day earlier than scheduled. Which is fantastic because I was DYING to try them.

Basic ingredients for some/all of their lipsticks:

Sunflower Oil, Castor Oil, Beeswax, Candelilla Wax, Coconut Oil, Lanolin, Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E, May Contain Iron Oxides, Mica, Titanium Dioxide, other FDA approved mineral pigments, and/or carmine.

It looks like a list of ingredients for a Balm. It feels like a balm, but I assure you they are 100% lipstick awesomeness. Yes this will be a Glowing Review.

I ordered 4 samples:
Coffee Black, Black, Undead Red, and Blood Red.

Now for Swatches!
My Bare Lips (my bare lips stock photo lol):
I want to make a quick note that the center of my lips is THE most difficult spot for lipstick to apply and stay on my lips (besides the outside corners). It usually will not adhere well and lipstick (even the most "glorious" and "high end" apply patchy here. I did not have this issue with Portland Black, which is fantastic, but you will see in the Last photo that nothing lasts in that area, so you can see the line from the inside lip and mouth wear more clearly. Portland Black still did a better job holding up than any lipstick I have ever tried.

Coffee Black, up close:I attempted to take the photos at different angles and different in Natural Light to give the best result I could
I never wear browns, but this one spoke to me, I actually think I like how this looks on my complexion more than Black. Coffee is going to become my new dark lip lover.

Black, up close

Undead Red, Upclose

Bonus: My lovely decided she wanted to see the lipstick upclose as well

And then curl up in my legs while I photographed

Blood Red, up close

Blood red after 4 hours of drinking and 90% humidity outdoors:

Now since these are samples, I applied them with a lipstick Brush, my skills with a brush need fine tuning, but I did my best to attempt clean lines but my lips are often difficult to work with (scaring on my the left upper lip causes uneven application but apparently most people don't see it) I applied these Opaquely  for photos, but I wore Blood red until there was nothing left and then applied it again blotted down. It was divine (no photos though as I was barefaced at that point). 
The Formula is amazing. This is THE best lipstick I have ever worn. My hunt for the Perfect Dark and the Perfect Red is completed. 

Have you tried Portland Black Lipstick Co. or any other Indie lipstick Brands? What where your thoughts and experiences?

And as always Thank you for Looking ^_^

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Soap! and an Update

If you haven't noticed my last few posts: 

I have been spending my time and nervous energies hobbying like a mad woman. It's been quite an adventure and still very much in the "experimental" and "testing" phases. I am making cosmetics for myself and anyone else who might be interested in some "custom made" cosmetics. I have made myself a highlighter (<3 Turquoise opal) and custom made a shade for someone who was interested in a violet version, As well as Lipsticks, Lip Balms (Mother Day), and several super simple super amazing Lip glosses (posts will come eventually...?). 

The Cosmetics were a side effect of my bigger(?) plan. Soap Making.

Each year, I sort of decide a theme gift for Christmas. One year was paintings, another, was hand knitted gifts. The knitting for 10 people took about 6 months. So did the paintings. This year, it will be Soaps and Lotions (there will still be knitting, and paintings). 

Cold Processed Soap (Using lye. ...yes like fight club) takes about 4-6 weeks for the soap to "age". Translation of "age": the lye will still burn. It takes 4-6 weeks for the finished soap to become a pH balance that is soothing and useful to the skin, verse being harsh, burning, drying, and possibly damaging. So it takes TIME. 

Also I know me, I love doing something myself, but in order to do it right, it takes me many, many times. The first few batches of soap were a success. One very much wasn't. I checked off each step but I missed something (forgot to add an oil), and made a dangerous batch of soap. Too much lye not enough oil = it will burn. I caught the mistake moments after finishing the batch. Had to wait for it to harder and remove from the mold, and it went into the trash the next day. 

BUT do not fret! I said to myself. 

Making soap isn't something you can do in a rush. You have to have hours. I'd say at least 3 hours. For prepping, measuring, mixing, Mixing together, and then clean up. Longer, if you want to make more than one batch. 

Today, I made one very large batch (10lbs) WHILE rebatching a soap that didn't fit into little peeps (like the marshmallows) mold as successfully as I originally hoped. When they are ready (dried, cut, and aged) I will post pictures ^_____^

Here are pictures of a successful and aged batch. However, I missed important information in the process of adding the colourant. Even though I read it 4 times. I added too much of the colourant. Just means when you suds with this soap the suds turn a grey color. But it isn't so bad that it will stain skin or anything, though it is obviously too much colour. 

(You can see it on the surface of the soap the pale grey/milky water marks from just washing with the soap)

I still think it is a success and I am VERY happy with it. Though I don't know if I will give this batch away as gifts. 

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Adventures in Lipstick making

First lipstick attempt
It was inspired by pictures of Lipstick Queen Limited Holiday Edition of Monarch 

Back of the hand swatch

Different lighting Swatches

So far it stains. It is also moisturizing like a lip balm. I want to try making different colours next ^_^

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Highlighter Attempt #1

I am attempting to create Highlighters.
This is made with a set of pearlescent "interference" colours.
Very satin in Application.
This is the result of the First experiment.
I attempted to make a Satin Finish opal colour sheer highlighter.
Extremely small particulars and multi-colour Glow is almost impossible to photograph.
I warn you this is Picture HEAVY.
Out Door Light at 1900 hours (7:00pm) 

Indoor light

 If you look at the dust in the palette that's from the highlighter, it's soft, fluffy, pan stable, and you can see the colours of "shimmer" from the highlighter in the dust behind my finger.
Pressed in Pan

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Purely Beautiful Carmine Dye (Not for the Vegan hearted)

1/2oz of Carmine Dye in Liquid Form (purchased from Tkb Trading) Just hit my door step seconds ago. I thought I would share this Beautiful color with you all.

Twos dots on the back of the hand, one Blended out, took what was left and dabbed it straight on my lips.

Here is the Proof::

Please ignore the state of my face, attempted to play with a color tattoo as a liner and it did not work out as planned  DX

My lovely Cat Miss Patches also wanted to look at the pretty color:

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Uphill Battle

Dear little brother,

I know you cannot read this.

I want so badly today to contact you and give you words of hope and encouragement to the tiny part of you that might still be alive inside that shell of a body. To be completely honest, I cannot handle more pain. I am almost sure that if I message you I will either get no response or worse, you will start arguing with me that you have complete control over your addiction or... talking incoherently because of psychosis.

I wish I could tell you. I wish you were sober. I wish I could share this life with you with all of my heart. I miss you so incredibly much... it is more than I can bare.