Sunday, June 21, 2015

Aromaleigh Swatches

I love pink eyeshadow. I might have a problem. 

     So thanks to r/indiemakeupandmore and I have been exposed to more Indies I have never heard of. Apparently Aromaleigh is very solid {now} and very popular Indie company. I can see why now that I have eyeshadows in hand, or rather all over my arms. I opted for mostly Satin formulas in all varying shades of pink or peachy tones. 

     This is a First for me. I opted for the Blogger pack. I want to make it clear I purchased these at a discount. A blogger discount allows you to pick 10 samples of eyeshadows or 5 samples of blushes and 1 full size eyeshadow. 
     Usually a sample eyeshadow from Aromaleigh is very affordable at $0.75-$1.25 each and contain about 1/3 teaspoon of product, good for a few uses to see if you like the color, and then you can be enticed to purchase a full size. Which is the average price for indies of $5-$6 each for a full size. I only own about 15 full size eyeshadow {until today} for the past 2 years and I have yet to use a single one up, so it's Plenty of product. I find they usually fill 1.5-2, 26 mm pans {which is the size of 1 mac eyeshadow pan for reference}

     I couldn't decide on which shades I wanted to try, and kept adjusting my wishlist, kicking around the idea of getting a full size, but I am currently on a budget and I wanted to be SURE I would use these samples. Then I saw a blogger discount option, and not gonna lie, I jumped on it cause, 
budget.  >_> 
 I make nothing on blog in anyway, shape, or form {outside of this single discount}, other than the personal fulfillment and with hopes that my swatches and posts help someone with some frivolous purchase that will brighten their day when it reaches their mail box. Seriously. 

This will be about swatches and first impression. I cannot really "review" anything yet. I walked in the door coming home from my 9 to 5, grabbed the mailbox key, got my package, opened it, and start swatching and photographing. I already have my face for the day on, so actually applying these eyeshadows on my face will have to wait until morning. 

Now that all of that is out of the way, on to the important stuff, SWATCHES :D

{I have forgotten in the past to mention my skin tone, My arms are about Mac NC 15 in the summer. I am pale and cool yellow leaning, this undertone may affect the colors of the eyeshadows. Hopefully using NYX Milk will adjust that}

I took these photos in daylight and shade, I tried to get as detailed as my camera would allow. 

 Full arm: Left to Right: Rhodeia over NYX Milk and bare skin , Sappho over NYX Milk and bare skin

Bare skin^
Sappho over NYX Milk^\

This was my full size choice and I really think it was a good choice.
Product Description: "Sappho is a beautiful pink with buff tones, and veils of blue, teal and turquoise overlays, reflecting the waters of the island where she was born."

On my arm, using my eyes, looks like a mauvy leaning pink, and just has this "wet" look. It's probably the blue-green reflect being so fine is changes the color of the base pink. This loose powder eyeshadow looks like a cream eyeshadow on my bare skin. 
Satin finish.

 Close ups of Rhodeia on NYX Milk and bare skin

 Product Description: " it’s a lustrous rose with blue and violet tones, and the new formula is smooth and buttery- even over bare skin"

On my arm, using my eyes, definitely a rose, and I can see the violet, the blue is a little harder to see, it probably sort of just boosts the violet. I see very fine multi color reflects in this. It is smooth and buttery for a loose powder. Not greasy, but I definitely feel the dimethicone in this. {I am pretty good at picking out that ingredient} Satin finish.

Though I think this is absolutely beautiful, it's a little deeper than the shades I normally wear. I usually play up my lips and go for something very subtle on my eyes. Outside of one shade MLP. It's a little less dramatic than My little pony. Since I don't usually wear pinks of this nature, I am actually looking forward to pushing myself out of my comfort zone with this, and hopefully it will look good. 

 Full Arm: Left to Right: Lotis over milk and bare skin, Philyra over milk and then bare skin

  Lotis over milk and bare skin

Product Description: "it’s a lustrous peachy pink, and the new formula is smooth and buttery- even over bare skin!"

Same formula as the others. Oh man, just look at that glow :D It makes me happy inside.
I agree, peachy pink that glows. Again, yes smooth and buttery formula. Satin finish.

 Philyra over bare skin and then Milk

Product Description: "Is a soft buff shade with strong yellowish green duochrome, and the new formula is smooth and buttery- even over bare skin "

 On my arm, using my eyes: Very nice. Not going to lie, I was a little afraid of this color, and all of the others that use the word "buff" which Aromaleigh uses A LOT in the descriptions. To me "buff" always ended up being an orangey/browny skin tone shade that pulls dirty on my skin.
This looks nothing like that, at all.
It's so pale, it's so glowy. It looks like dew on a pale pink flower. 
Same formula as the others. Satin finish.

 Full Arm: Left to Right: Veneer over milk and bare skin, Persuasion over milk and bare skin.

 Persuasion, bare skin^

  Persuasion, over milk^

Product Description: "This shade is a a lustrous pink champagne with a vibrant antique rose iridescence."

 On my arm, using my eyes: this kind of looks like a little mauvy leaning champagne pink. I definitely see the rose reflect. The formula for this eyeshadow is a little different from the others, it's got a bit more heft to some of the reflect/shimmer. Still satin, but definitely leaning a little bit towards shimmer finish. It's pretty. Not going to lie, this is probably my least favorite. It's still good just a bit more mauve leaning than I was expecting. 

 Veneer on bare skin^
 Veneer over milk^

Product Description: "This shade is a sheer, pale copper with a strong copper duochrome; it’s meant to be like the glow of firelight, inspired by the gorgeous cinematography on the show."

I could not resist this eyeshadow. I am enamoured with the "Hannibal" show. 
On my skin it kind of looks like a creamsicle orange glow. I will probably wear this tomorrow.  
Satin slightly powdery finish. 

 Full arm: Left to Right: Agrippina over milk and bare skin, Phryne over milk and bare skin, part of Eleanor ...apparently I didn't get a full arm swatch D:


Product Description: "Agrippina is an exquisite rose gold, with an ethereal veil of multichromal highlight effects."

I can see more golden tones on the bare skin swatch. On the milk swatch it seems to pulls a rosey pink on my skin and I most definitely see a violet reflect in this. It's quite lovely. Satin Finish. 


Product Description: "...her shade is a delicate peach with magical highlights that morph from red to copper and green to blue"

A beautiful skin tone peach with muli colored reflect. Kind of reminds me of Burberry Porcelain but a pinch deeper. Which is my favorite nude wash of color. I cannot wait to try this on. {maybe I'll remember to take comparison swatches one day}
 Satin Finish. 


Product Description: "...a beautiful coral with strong gold and copper chrome effects."

Thankfully not too deep. This looks a lot softer than I was expecting from the website swatches. It pulls a bit more pinky peach on me rather than coral, completely fine, that probably makes it MORE wearable for me. Again, just lovely and smooth. Satin Finish.

 Full arm: Left to Right Europa over milk and bare skin, Amphitrite over milk and bare skin. 


Product Description: "Is a satin finish warm rose base with bright pale blue sparks"

Exactly as described. Darker than my "usual" eyeshadow shades. I really look forward to playing around with it because it's soooo smooth. 
Satin finish. 


Product Description: "Is a satin finish muted terracotta shade with a golden metallic undertone and bright teal sparkles."

Again, this one is exactly as the description on my skin. This is the shade I thought I would least likely wear since it's got that muted burnt orange feel to it. I want to try it on on my eyes before I make a solid decisions. It's just as outside my comfort zone as the two deeper rose shades {Rhodeia  and Amphitrite} are to me. Satin Finish. 

I started writing this Friday, and the weekend got busy and the computer was tasked with video editing and encoding over night, for my partners music video. I've had the weekend to play with two shades of colors.  
I really am impressed with how soft and wearable these colors on on the lid. I mean in both color and texture of the eyeshadows themselves. Everyone told me that she had a good formula. I cannot speak for all of her products, but I can on these, and I am very happy with my discounted (one of many early birthday presents to myself) purchase. I am already planning to buy full sizes of some these shades when I've used them up.

Bonus Photos
Sappho on the lid 

Thank you so much for Looking \^0^/

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Depotting Limnit Mini Pots

So about 3 weeks ago, I got my first Limnit order and was smitten. Actually the day I made that post, I made another order to Limnit as well {I've been meaning to do some more swatches}. At first, I was in a gleeful fit just gushing through my honeymoon period with Limnit {I tend to be quite the enthusiast sometimes}. 

Now that's coming to an end, how do I feel? 

I love Limnit lipsticks. Seriously. 
But in terms of every day wear and "Crap, I ate a sandwich, and with it, ate half my lipstick" {I take big bites and I am a messy eater} Something grows very old about the idea of having to carry a lip brush on your person for touch ups, clean it, or find a way to transport it so it doesn't fall out and get everything else in your touch up bag dirty. 
This is brilliant actually. In terms of marketing I mean. I now CRAVE her full sized lipsticks more than ever. But I like to use what I have first, and then replace what I really used up. It's an internal battle, the collector who prefers ease, and the minimalist who hates waste. 

I have one place I tend to lean towards when my cosmetic situation cries out in need. 
TKB Trading. 

I ordered 20 Slimline tubes in "Natural", which is their clear tube. {$0.75 each or $5.75 for 10 which is $0.57 each} It was a toss up between clear or black, I went with clear so I could see what color product was in the tube without having to label all the tubes. I was existed since the Limnit mini pots say they contain 0.07oz of product and these Slimline tubes hold 0.07oz of product. 
I wasn't thinking about weight vs volume though. I forget sometimes. The scientist in me is too forgetful to ever truly be a scientist :/
Meaning the Mini pots didn't fill up the Slimline tubes fully as I hoped. You'll see what I am talking about in the pictures. 

I also ordered there Melting bowl. {Currently $1.75 each} It worked exactly the way I hoped for pouring. Super easy and nothing split or ran all over the place. However Limnit is a very thick product and not everything poured out of the bowl. I figured out a few tricks to limit the out of product wasted though. 

It was about $19 after shipping costs.
{buying 20 tubes pushed me above the cheaper shipping option, fyi}

 Slimline tubes

 I tried to add some arrows, the tubes come rolled all the way down. And after my first pour, I realized this was a problem. So I rolled the tubes half way up. It's easy to roll down if you need to add more product, but not so easy to roll up while the waxes and oils are hot. 

STEP 1: Prep all the tubes you plan on using BEFORE melting lipsticks. I made this mistake and you'll see.

 Here you can clearly see the two middle tubes, but mostly the 3rd from the right, has all these streaks inside. That's because the bottom was rolled all the way down, and I thought "Crap! I need to roll this up!" and I did with hot waxes inside, and now product is stuck to the walls of the tube I can never get back ::weeps::

STEP 2: Freeze the lipsticks for about 15 minutes (you could probably do step one while waiting...)

 STEP 3: Remove from freezer and remove lipstick from jar.

 Quickly use a tooth pick to pop out the mini lipstick from the pot. I used a twisting motion.

 Do all the lipsticks at once, you don't want them warm and have to scrap the product out of the 5 gram jar, that's messy, and you'll lose a lot of product that way.

STEP 4: Pick a lipstick and put it in your melter bowl

 STEP 5: Put the melter bowl in the microwave and remove the tooth pick and heat.

Note: I don't know exactly way, but the one lipstick I left the tooth pick in, the tooth pick got hot but the waxes weren't melted. the wood was absorbing all the radiation D:

 Depending on your Microwave your timing may be different. I found different colors heated differently. You DO NOT want to over heat your wax/oils in a lipstick EVER. So heat in small increments at a time. Like 20-30 seconds.

 When the lipstick is melted enough to pour it should looks something like this^

 STEP 6: Pinch your melter bowl and pour into Tube. *I didn't roll this one half way up D:

 Now here is where things get a little interesting, this is a lot of product left, but it has too much surface tension going on in the bowl and won't "pour out". I couldn't photograph this due to the angle and the poor kitchen lighting in my apt, but I used the Tube rim to scrape the rest of the lipstick into the tube which looks like the next photo:

 Cleaning this bowl was pretty easy. Took a few wipes and sprays with Rubbing alcohol.

 I depotted 10 tubes this way. You can clearly see my mistakes.

 After you scrap the remaining product into the chapstick tube, you can put the tube in the microwave (it won't melt the plastic) and reheat the tube. This will give it an even top like this uncapped one.

BE CAREFUL not to over heat. I cannot stress that enough! Burnt lipstick is no fun for anyone.

STEP 7: Let them cool completely.

I want to note that yes, so product was lost. That's always a side effect of depotting. However, there is also a lot of product lost in a lip brush. I called it even on this mentally so I could move on. :D

After doing this, I used one of the lipsticks right away. I had a show to go to, so I grabbed Abracadabra threw it on and went out the door. It was easy to apply, I didn't ruin the formula with freezing and reheating it {thank goodness!}, and I had it on me for touch ups. Not that it needed much though, seriously on me these things wear like iron clad armor on me. I just had to touch up the center part a little during a break in the show, since there is no air conditioning at the venue, indoors but with open doors, and it's 90 degrees + out even with the sun down.

I hope this helps, and not scares too many of you away from depotting lipsticks. 

Thank you so much for Looking \^0^/