Monday, May 4, 2015

My Eyeshadow Swaches, Just for Fun

     Just for Fun, I swatched all my Eyeshadows. I used Urban Decay Primer Potion, but a lot of these when they actually are applied to the lid I add a little Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy for an extra pop of the duo chrome effect and a much stronger hold. 
     I may take some more swatches on Top of Pixie Epoxy to see how they photograph later, but I ran out of sunlight yesterday.

     Due to my deep set eyes and pale skin I reach for a lot of "brightening" Peachy pink shades. So for those of you that love lots of variety and bright color, I apologize, I'm boring :D

P.S. I took a lot of pictures to try and these lovely eye shadows in the best out door light I could. 

Arm Swatches Set 1

From Left to Right:
1. Darling Girl in Fairy Floss (Reformulated) Note* Darling says this is more of a Berry now, it just looks a pinch darker than the original.
2. Darling Girl in Fairy Floss (Original Formula) use to be a bit more Mauve pink
3. Darling Girl in Elvin Magic
4. TKB Trading Mica in Winter Rose
5. Darling Girl in My Little Pony 
6. TKB Trading Mica in Reformulated Silken Gold
7. Darling Girl in Provoke (a Mac Vex Dupe)

 Darling Girl in Fairy Floss (Reformulated) Website Description::  
*Reformulated 05/14.  My supplier reformulated one of the pigments in this shade which makes it a little deeper and bit more berry toned than the original. 
Fairy Floss - Berry toned pink with turquoise iridescence.  It was really hard to capture the iridescence but it's much stronger in person.

 Darling Girl in Fairy Floss (Original Formula) Website Description:: 
Fairy Floss - Mauve toned pink with turquoise iridescence.
Note: My favorite color of all time. 

 Darling Girl in Elvin Magic, website Description:: 
Elvin Magic - Peachy vanilla with gold undertones and a touch of violet iridescence.  For the very fair this would probably be a nice color wash for the lid with a bright liner for a pop of color.  For those with a deeper skintone Elvin Magic makes a lovely highlight.

TKB Trading Mica in Winter Rose Website description::
Elegant, chic and poetic. Color shifts from pink to brown. (they forgot to mention with a Blue shift!)

 Darling Girl in Elvin Magic
 TKB Trading Mica in Winter Rose
 Darling Girl in My Little Pony 
 TKB Trading Mica in Reformulated Silken Gold

 Darling Girl in Elvin Magic
 TKB Trading Mica in Winter Rose
 Darling Girl in My Little Pony Website description::
I couldn't do this collection without My Little Pony! :) This is a color-morphing shade. At first glance it looks like a pale, pastel lavender with green shift and aqua and pink iridescence, but hold it close to a light source and it takes on a coppery rose color. I love this a lid wash with some black liner. It's simple and pretty. Try this over a dark base for a little extra POP! 
Note: I get a lot more coppery and rose gold in person when using a little Fyr. Pixie Epoxy. 

 TKB Trading Mica in Reformulated Silken Gold Website description::
Silken Gold,a cousin toTKB's Satin Orange Gold, isa warm off-white with a golden sheen in dry powder form. The color really comes alive when wetted by the oils of a cream eye shadow or lip product, when foiled on the eye, or when added to a liquid or clear soap.
Note: I love this color as an inner corner highlight and as a face highlighter.

 Darling Girl in Provoke Website description::
Provoke - Darling Girl's dupe of MAC Cosmetics Vex a grey green with red shift sure to become a staple in your collection!  Provoke's shift is a little pinker than the golden red shift in Vex put when applied you can't really see the difference.

TKB Trading Mica in Winter Rose
 Darling Girl in My Little Pony 
 TKB Trading Mica in Reformulated Silken Gold
 Darling Girl in Provoke (a Mac Vex Dupe)

 Darling Girl in My Little Pony 
 TKB Trading Mica in Reformulated Silken Gold
 Darling Girl in Provoke (a Mac Vex Dupe)

 Darling Girl in My Little Pony 
 TKB Trading Mica in Reformulated Silken Gold
 Darling Girl in Provoke (a Mac Vex Dupe)

Arm Swatches Set 2

1. Burberry Eyeshadow in Pale Barley
2. Burberry Eyeshadow in Rosewood (this looks like a taupe on me)
3. Darling Girl in Fluffy
4. Burberry Eyeshadow in Porcelain
5. Fyrinnae in Rapunzel had Extensions 

 Burberry Eyeshadow in Pale Barley
 Burberry Eyeshadow in Rosewood (this looks like a taupe on me)
 Darling Girl in Fluffy

Darling Girl in Fluffy Website Description:: 
Fluffy - It's so fluffy!  Can you guess what movie I was watching when I made this?  Light pastel pink with a delicate green to blue shift.
Note: Because of the shift, it looks a little purple-y in the other photos

 Burberry Eyeshadow in Porcelain

Darling Girl in Fluffy
 Burberry Eyeshadow in Porcelain
 Fyrinnae in Rapunzel had Extensions 

Burberry Eyeshadow in Porcelain
 Fyrinnae in Rapunzel had Extensions Website description::
Pale pink with a stunning brilliant light gold highlight. Our all-time top selling shade.
Note: Yeah, it's that amazing. 

Arm Swatches Set 3

1. Fyrinnae in Haunted Ball Room
2. Fyrinnae in Innocent Sorrow
3. Wetn'wild single in Burlee
4. White opal (something I made myself)
5. Darling Girl in Borrowed Underpants (weird name Beautiful color)

Fyrinnae in Haunted Ball Room Website description::
Varying shades of pink and lavender shimmer create a "faerie dust" appearance in a sheer cream hue. Looks darker in the jar than it applies.

 Fyrinnae in Innocent Sorrow Website description::
Ethereal warm coppery hues graced with a gentle touch of pale green shimmer make this an excellent highlight, or all-over brightening shadow. Sheer but buildable.

 Wetn'wild single in Burlee

Fyrinnae in Innocent Sorrow
 Wetn'wild single in Burlee
White opal 

 Wetn'wild single in Burlee
 White opal 
Darling Girl in Borrowed Underpants (weird name Beautiful color)


So as a quick "review" Darling Girl is like Fyrinnae, it's an Indie company that makes great eyeshadows {and a few other things}. I love Fyrinnae, but a lot of their colors are very clean and bright which is difficult for me, personally, to pull off. Darling girl offers a lot more wearable shades for my personal preferences, but she also makes a variety of shadows and colors. She takes Custom orders as well {or used to, I think she's been busy with her new inventory}. These indie eye shadows all come in lose eye shadow form, in little twist top 5gram containers. I press my own into eye shadow pans for convenience. I've not experienced this changing the color. All of these shadows, expect for My Little Pony, are a satin Formula. Not shimmery, not matte. Great for everyday, and with no fall out or glitter face. 

     Alright! That's all of them. I have a couple more new things to try on the way, hopefully, I'll get to swatch them when they arrive. Well I hope you enjoyed the swatches. What eyeshadow colors have you been loving lately?

And as always,

 Thank you for Looking ^__^

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Struggles with Boredom (a very boring post. HA!)

     In today's American societal standards of "instant gratification", the struggle with boredom is real and constant. Sometimes we just have to learn new things to keep boredom at bay. It's part of Life. But what do you do, when you are already in the process of learning new things, and you are still finding yourself bored?

     I don't have an answer, because that's my actual question. I do not know what to do.

     Cannot buy my way out of boredom, it is not financially feasible. Also my needs are met so there isn't anything I really need. It's always a struggle to not just buy something to try something new. Trying something new helps with boredom a lot. I fight the urge to be a blind consumer. I also don't want to developed the habit of buying things when I am bored. I believe it to be a very bad habit that can become difficult to shake.

     I have a full time job. Been here 3+ years, there is no more upward movement for me (unless someone is fired). Work is ungodly slow lately, now that some very big year+ long projects have finished up. Changing jobs at this exact point in time isn't an option either. Hopefully soon, in a few months, it will be a option again.
    However, as an example. It is 11:30am, I've been here 3 hours. I've hardly stayed on task. I've already completed the whole days workload. Work doesn't end until 5:30pm. I have to find something to fill the next six hours of my life.

     I've got a 4 year degree, but it's in a subject that has PROVEN to be completely useless. Previously, I had posted very many lengthy posts about this, but I removed them. It seemed like a lot of unnecessary whining honestly. Suffice it to say, I regret my choice of subject during my time in college.
     I cannot, at this time, go back to school. I am trying to educate myself with information that hopefully will prove fruitful in the long run for my mental well being but hopefully a financial one as well.
     Teaching yourself a subject is similar to going back to school. You save more money, and you are responsible to learn the information on your own. There are no tests or deadlines to push you, so it can be a struggle to stay on task.

     I have plenty of hobbies. Seriously, I do. I've had to get rid of hobbies because I've had too many hobbies.

     The biggest, most time consuming "hobby" is my health. After the discovery of a great deal of food intolerances caused quite a bit of thought into changing "life styles" and bad habits, I've come to consider "keeping myself in good health" as a full-time hobby. It's not just a "life style choice" to me, it's the difference between constant pain and inflammation to almost crippling proportions or Not being in pain. I cannot simply go back to the way it was before.

     The one I enjoy the most is knitting. I absolutely love it. I've pushed myself to learn new things and try out complicated patterns to keep myself from boredom. Unfortunately, I've knitted too much and a few months ago, around the holidays, I developed a repetitive stress injury. I took breaks and did stretches, but I never stopped knitting. I knitted for days at a times with out stopping for more than the time it took to eat, bath, and sleep. I carried my knitting bag around everywhere. grocery store, standing in line? I was knitting. I very literally ate, slept, knitted... my way to injury. Now I have to be extremely conscious of how much time I am knitting. I had to take some time off from knitting. When I picked it back up again, a few weeks later, adjustments where made. I have to set a timer to take breaks and another timer for a "maximum amount of time spent knitting a day". If I feel tension in my forearms, I have to force myself to take the next day or two off from knitting. It's frustrating and it's slowed down my progress in my projects. I have found nothing that satisfy my urge to knit.

     I like artistic expression. The mediums that come most naturally to me in the past are drawing and painting. Unfortunately, I only have so many ideas. Seems I have sort of been in a dry spell or "writer's block" with my work and have been stuck for quite sometime. Also, space becomes an issue. You can only draw and paint so many things before you run out of room to store them. Selling is not much of an option for many, many reasons. I've had to argue this point more times than I care to count. Right now, I don't feel like explaining why it's not an option, but to put it simply, it just isn't.
     Knitting though... it's artistic and creative while still being practical and useful. You are artistically designing clothes. Not just something that will sit on a wall, or in a closet, but something that will be worn. Don't even get my started about hand dying your own yarn. That's more fun than I care to admit!
     Also, knitting is something I can take to work, and do when things are slow. It's more mobile than painting and most drawings.

     My other great love is Mathematics. I used to be {I think} very good in the subject. My college adviser told me that I wasn't allowed to take anymore classes in the subject unless I minored or majored in Math. Unfortunately, I didn't follow my desires for maths. It's been over ten years since my last college math course. I've started teaching myself from the basics back up so that I can see how far I can progress on my own. There are some wonderful {free} websites online that I have been using to learn from. However, the progress can get a little slow. There is a lot of information I just do not remember, it maybe basic and relatively easy, but I cannot just jump into the problems and move forward. When I attempt to do so, I find myself lost on a relatively easy question because I do not recall information, from over a decade ago, on how to solve it. Once I've brushed up on the matter, I then do just fine. However since the information is kind of basic, it's not all that "challenging". I don't know how else to explain, it's not complicated, but it's not challenging at the same time.

     Due to the nature of my job, I can often listen to books on tape. This way I am in front of the computer looking  busy {which is apparently more important than actually having work to do here}. This has presents it's own challenges though. Sometimes listening to someone for hours makes me sleepy or frigidity, since listening doesn't exactly give me something to do with my hands to make me mentally satisfied. I've tried actually reading books, but usually for some reason, people interrupt me MORE when I have a book in my hands. I have no idea what that is about but it happens every.single.time. I try to read a book. To expose a embarrassing weakness, it doesn't help that I have had concentration issues ever since I was a child, with reading in particular. I understand it is a skill, like any other, that must be practiced to be honed, but seriously constant interruptions do not help.

     This has presented me with my current situation of boredom.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Cosmetic Blog sale!

Cosmetic Blogsale once again! 
This will probably be my very last one, I know it isn't much but these items need a loving home!


1. I am offering Free Shipping with the US Only, on orders of $10 or more. 

(If you want to buy 1, $1 item, I am sorry but shipping and packaging costs $3.50)

2. I will accept international purchases, but please be aware of international shipping prices.

3. I will only accept Paypal Payments Only, BEFORE shipping.

4. Please Email me with Title BlogSale! at kntroyonATgmailDOTcom

5. Smoke free home. I do have one cat, however, the Cosmetics are kept in a train case at the top of the closet in a room far, far away from said lovely's fur paws. 

6. Please feel free to ask any questions. I put my asking price next to the original price ($$)

7. Pictures are provided to show product usage, only. Though I try to get colour correct, these are not the most accurate. So Please do research and be sure of Purchase before buying. 

8. Please note that I am a person, and not a corporation. I will not accept returns and I am not responsible for damages or lost packages by Shipping.  I will be shipping First Class USPS that comes with tracking, and I will use a lavish amount of bubble wrap for safety of all items. 
I take care and every precaution in packaging items. I am not responsible for lost packages, That would be an issue with the postal service, so please keep this in mind when you make a purchase. If you would like your items sent with insurance so that you can get your money back (if the items are lost or damaged by the postal service) please let me know, it will be an additional fee to you. I am not a company, I am a person. All Sales are Final, No Returns, NO Refunds, please.

They really need loving homes

 Hakuhodo K007 liner brush :: $10 ($15) Lightly used in Excellent condition, never lost a hair.
 Hakuhodo J142 Eye Shadow Brush :: $11 ($19) Hardly used, maybe 3-4 times, never lost a hair.
Hakuhodo G5528BkSL Eye shadow brush (squirrel hair) :: $18 ($30)Lightly Used, Excellent Condition, never lost a hair.

I am willing to sell the rest as a LOT for $30 Shipped!

IT Cosmetics Airbrush blush stain in Rose glow (used 3 times) - $10 ($24)

Meow cosmetics Flawless: 1 Sleek Angora Full size :: $8 ($35.95)- Used 80% left times
Meow cosmetics Flawless: 2 Sleek Angora Muchkin size :: $4 ($16.75)- Used 5 times

Physician's Formula Eye Booster Pen in Ultra Black :: $3 ($10.99) -Used 3 times

 Glamoflauge In Light $2 ($6) - used once
Glamoflauge in Medium Light $2 ($6) - used 3 times

Dollar Bin!
  Wet n' wild Color Eyeshdow Collection in 737A Poster Child :: $1 ($4.68) - Used once 

 Wet n' wild Color Eyeshdow Collection in 738 Comfort Zone:: $1 ($4.68) - Used once 
Wet n' wild Color Icon Eyeshdow Palette 5 pan 391A Art in the Streets :: $1 ($3.99) Used once very heavily

 Fyrinnae Samples :: $1 each (used once)

Thank you for Looking! ^__^

Sunday, March 15, 2015

For the love of all that is Merino

     I cannot recall the very day that I decided to start knitting, but it was some time in my early 20's. Cheap craft store acrylic yarns, and after last minute holiday gifted scarf, after scarf, something changed and I decided to take it more serious. 
     Now, after 4 years of challenging myself to take on new projects to improve my skill set, repeated repetitive stress injuries (since I apparently don't know how to take enough breaks), and growing into a bit of a yarn snob, I've found myself caught up in the excitement of an actual "yarnathon". I found this Wonderful store Eat.Sleep.Knit. in November last year, and after an yarn order, was unknowingly was registered automatically into the yarnathon. After some playing around on the site I gathered all the information available about the Yarnathon. This year, I have a game plan and I am prepared. It may be a bit over zealous but I believe I can achieve my goals. I want to at least complete a 5k, but I also want to at least try for a 10k.
     The yarnathon consists of achieving 26.2 miles of yarn. A single purchase of yarn automatically registers you in 1 of 4 teams. Each team member gets a prize at the end of the year for actually participating in the Yarnothon and if you reach "milestones" (at every 5k completed) there are prizes along the way. There are different ways to achieve this goal (All the details are on the site). You can flat out BUY 26.2 miles of yarn (which admittedly is a lot of money). You can purchase some yarn and use that yarn to participate in knit-a-longs, and "booster" club badges that earn you yards that apply to your total Mileage. There is also Trivia! 50 yards for every question you answer correctly! Well, that's what I am doing. 

So far, I have planned for the year with yarn purchased from ESK, all are going to be 2015 Christmas gifts, except the sweater, that's for me ^__^

1 hat
1 scarf
2 sets of finger-less mittens
7 shawls
1 tunic sweater

Unfortunately, I still have OTHER things I want to knit with yarn not from ESK. With such a full plate the other projects may actually have to wait until next year. 

Currently on the needles:

1 of 7 shawls
 Malabrigo Yarn - Sock Yarn - Velvet Grapes

The Tunic Sweater:

 Dream in Color Yarn - Smooshy - Cocoa Kiss (Lot A)

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

SOLD! Yarn Destashing

I am offering Free Shipping with the US.

I will only accept Paypal Payments, BEFORE shipping.

Please Email me with Title YARNSALE! at kntroyonATgmailDOTcom

This is my first yarn destashing!
BUT I have been a seller before on Amazon and Ebay with 100% possitive feed back. I have also been a Swapper and Blogseller on Makeupalley for years with 100% positive feed back, if you have any worries or Questions please feel free to ask me.

I will include Shipping insurance only at the request and cost of the buyer.

Smoke free home. However, not pet free.
I do have one cat, and I TRY to keep her away from my yarn. The yarn is stored in a Rubbermaid container in the top of my closet.

There is nothing wrong with any of this yarn, Most of it is unused. I have just honed my personal preferences, and due to arthritis some fibers just aren't working out.
This is a Discontinued Yarn!
Araucania Chaiten Color 6
100% Silk
108 grams
Not used, just wound into a ball by hand. This is 108 grams because part of a second ball (used ball) is include with this unused ball, so there is a "cut" in the yarn.
 1+ Skein
 (Original Price was $20 a Skein)
My asking Price for 1+ skeins is $7

This is a Discontinued Yarn!
Araucania Chaiten Color 7
100% Silk
280 grams
Not used, just wound into a ball by hand. This is 280 grams none of this was used, but some of the skeins weren't 100 grams like they should have been, Because this is 3 skeins there are "cuts" in the yarn.
(Original Price was $20 a Skein)
My asking Price for 3 skeins is $20

Noro Taiyo Sock yarn
109 grams
New, not used
(Original Price was $20 a Skein)
My asking Price for 1 skeins is $7

Poems Sock yarn
91 grams
New, not used
(Original Price was $19 a Skein)
My asking Price for 1 skeins is $7

!!!If sold as a LOT, I am willing to Discount total to $35 with Free shipping!!!