Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Highlighter Attempt #1

I am attempting to create Highlighters.
This is made with a set of pearlescent "interference" colours.
Very satin in Application.
This is the result of the First experiment.
I attempted to make a Satin Finish opal colour sheer highlighter.
Extremely small particulars and multi-colour Glow is almost impossible to photograph.
I warn you this is Picture HEAVY.
Out Door Light at 1900 hours (7:00pm) 

Indoor light

 If you look at the dust in the palette that's from the highlighter, it's soft, fluffy, pan stable, and you can see the colours of "shimmer" from the highlighter in the dust behind my finger.
Pressed in Pan

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Purely Beautiful Carmine Dye (Not for the Vegan hearted)

1/2oz of Carmine Dye in Liquid Form (purchased from Tkb Trading) Just hit my door step seconds ago. I thought I would share this Beautiful color with you all.

Twos dots on the back of the hand, one Blended out, took what was left and dabbed it straight on my lips.

Here is the Proof::

Please ignore the state of my face, attempted to play with a color tattoo as a liner and it did not work out as planned  DX

My lovely Cat Miss Patches also wanted to look at the pretty color:

Monday, March 24, 2014

Updated Blogsale

Brand New in Box Items, As well as a small handful of lightly used items that need loving homes!

Thanks to my loving Grandmother who supplies me with Gift Cards for every occasion ::laughs::


My Seller Guide Lines (terms and conditions) 

1. Email me Kntroyon at Gmail dot com if you would like to make a purchase with the subject Blogsale. I have sold many unused items on Amazon. You can find that link here, feel free to check me out.

I am also ladykolie on MUA.

2. I will provide detailed pictures (to the best of my camera's ability) of the items for sale as well as a description of the use that the item has received to the best of my abilities. Pictures are to show usage of product only. Please Google swatches for the item. I cannot give a truly accurate color description with my camera.

3. Payments are accepted from Paypal only. Be 100% sure of your order before you place it. I will not hold items, it is first come first serve with payment. Items are "Yours" once payment is cleared.

4. Shipping will be USPS. 

Right now I am offering FREE SHIPPING within the US only.
$5 dollar minimum Purchase Please. 

Canada and International PLEASE READ

Right at this moment (03/20/2014) I am able to ship international again. Please be aware that shipping rate have increased in the US in January of 2014. Prices will more than likely range between 7-15 depending on weight and location.

 Payment must clear before shipping. Items may be insured at an additional cost to you. Please note that shipping itself may be a little cheaper but that this price includes all the supplies for packaging, Bubble wrap, Tape (extra padding if needed and is certainly needed for eye shadows). I do not reuse old packaging because I do not keep old packaging. 

5. Once a payment has been verified, I ship out within 24 to 48 hours of purchase. This does NOT include weekends. If you purchase on a Friday, your item will be shipped the Monday directly following.

 6. I keep my cosmetics clean. I mist my stash with alcohol once a month. None of the items will be cleaned further from what is in the photograph. I know some people are very peculiar about how they want their items cleaned, and I do not want any loss of product or accidents between now and the purchase.

7. I come from a smoke free home. I do have a cat, but she isn't allowed in the room that I keep and use my cosmetics. My stash is kept in a train case. All of the Items for sale are sealed in a Large Ziplock Bag inside of a box with a lid at the top of my closet.

::PLEASE NOTE :: I take care and every precaution in packaging items. I am not responsible for lost packages, That would be an issue with the postal service, so please keep this in mind when you make a purchase. If you would like your items sent with insurance so that you can get your money back (if the items are lost or damaged by the postal service) please let me know, it will be an additional fee to you. I am not a company, I am a person. All Sales are Final, No Returns, NO Refunds, please.

(This sale will be active until updated to specify that it has been closed permanently, I will also update postings immediately after each sale.)

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
My Prices are Negotiable (within reason). I would really like everything to sell. So I am open. 

Right now I am offering FREE SHIPPING within the US only.

I like to put $ my asking price next to ($ the original price)

Just added!

NYX soft Matte lip cream in Transylvania - $2($5.99) - Like New, Swatched once 
NYX soft Matte lip cream in San Paulo - $3($5.99) - Brand New not used
NYX soft Matte lip cream in Istanbul - $3($5.99) - Brand New not used
Revlon Color Brust lip butter in Pink Lemonade - $2 (7.99) - Used once
Sephora Eyeshadow in Rio - $5 ($13)-  Like New, Swatched once 
Smashbox Photo Finish more than Primer, Spot correcting Primer - $30 ($42) - Brand New in Box
Fyrinnae Finishing Powder: Hollywood Sorcery - $2($7.50) - Brand New Still Sealed
NYX Baked Eyeshadow in Ambrosia - $1(5.99)- Like New, Swatched once

IT cosmetics Vitality Cheek Stain in Pretty In Peony - $16 ($24) - Brand New in Box
IT cosmetics Vitality Cheek Stain in Matte Sweet Apple - $13 ($24) - Like New, Swatched once
Meow cosmetics Powder foundation in Flawless 1-Sleek Maux - $10 ($29.95), Used once (I ordered a full size of the wrong shade)

Mac Interior life Eyeshadow Quad - $18($40) - used once

Free add on to sale (just tell me which one you want)

Orly Ridge Filler Smoothing Base Coat 
OPI top coat 

Thank you for Looking :D

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Uphill Battle

Dear little brother,

I know you cannot read this.

I want so badly today to contact you and give you words of hope and encouragement to the tiny part of you that might still be alive inside that shell of a body. To be completely honest, I cannot handle more pain. I am almost sure that if I message you I will either get no response or worse, you will start arguing with me that you have complete control over your addiction or... talking incoherently because of psychosis.

I wish I could tell you. I wish you were sober. I wish I could share this life with you with all of my heart. I miss you so incredibly much... it is more than I can bare.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Hello World


     It has been a long time. Eight months since my last confession ::cough:: I mean blog post.

Life has been Full. I wish very desperately to say it is full of just wonderful things. It is not.

     Not to say that wonderful things haven't happened. They have. However, the sad things have just been so overwhelming and powerful that have, in fact, become too much and they over power the good things. People say life never gives you more than you can handle. Sorry folks but yes, yes it does. That's why some people put a bullet in their head, why they need a therapist, why they are emotionally unstable. Doesn't mean you cannot learn to handle it. But it also doesn't mean that there isn't a point in life where enough is enough. Don't belittle life's complexity with quotes about how "the good lord doesn't give you more than you can handle", that's bullshit.

Pardon me if I seem vulgar. I am at a point where I have no filter right now.

     I have lost my brother. His addiction has destroyed him. It would be easier to deal with if he was dead. At least then the process of healing can begin. So in order to start that process, I have been advised to accept that he as a person has been dead for a long time.